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We love Fabric! As we collect new pieces we will be sharing them here. Feel free to customize your fabric size. If you are looking for bundles, we have those too! We have bundles already put together with some quilt ideas for you.

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Floral Song by Cassandra Connolly 

Take my hand, walk with me.
Pause for a second, what do you see?
Look beyond the daisies dancing,
as soft winds blow, lupines sway, entrancing.
Hidden, unseen, the little blossom peeps.
A piece of my heart, this bloom, it keeps.
In this time, the secret hour,
silence enfolds us, like petals of a flower.
Observe: further, deeper. As light shifts,
colourful sprigs, natures gifts.
Immerse your mind, open your heart;
hear the long lost language, truly see the floral art.
As buds dance in the sunlight,
capture this moment, hold it tight.
Linger a little, but not too long.
Treasure this moment; fall in love with the floral song.

Floral Song FQ Bundle

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