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We love Fabric! As we collect new pieces we will be sharing them here. Feel free to customize your fabric size. If you are looking for bundles, we have those too! We have bundles already put together with some quilt ideas for you.

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This kit was designed by Corinne Sovey, we made a couple of substitutions. Instead of the tiny dots we used fairy flakes in white and instead of the orange wildflower we added neon pom poms in lunar. The kit has all of the materials to make the quilt top. The pattern can be found on Corrine Sovey's website


C1- Fishnet 

C2- White Fairy Flakes 

C3- Potions

C4- Raven Lace

C5- Tiny Stripes Sunrise 

C6- Neon Pom Pom Lunar 

C7- Storm Clouds 

C8- Spider Blossom 

Added 1/2 yard of cameos to make sure all face is included and you can choose which face to use. 


Hocus Pocus withTula Pink Deja Vu Nightshade