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Longarm Services

We are pleased to offer computerized edge-to-edge quilting services.  All quilting is done on our Handi Quilter Forte longarm machine.  We understand how scary it can be to hand off your quilt to someone else to finish.  We strive to provide the best customer service and take pride in the quality of our work. 

Longarm Details


Quilting service costs 2.5 cents per square inch. 

For example, if your quilt top is 60 x 70, that is 4,200 square inches. The cost for quilting would be $105.00  (60×70=4,200 and 4,200×0.025=$105)

Our minimum price is $30. This means small projects, small quilts, table runners, etc. will be rounded up to $30.

Quilting Designs

We will coordinate with you to select an edge to edge design to complete your quilt. See some ideas below. If you have an ideas in mind that we don't have, we will split the cost of the design with you.


(We have more designs than listed, we will be adding them to the website.)


We provide batting. 

We stock Quilters Dream Select, 100% cotton and Quilters Dream 80/20 cotton/poly blend. 

100% Cotton is $6 per foot

80/20 is $4 per foot. The batting is 93"

You can also provide your own batting if you prefer. 

I'm Ready! 

Book A Quilt

Fill out the form. 


We will choose a thread color that blends best with your quilt top and backing. If you have a preferred color just let us know. 

Additional Services

Pricing for additional services:

Seaming the backing is $15 per seam.

Piecing the binding is a flat rate of $15.

Binding service: $0.15 per inch of the outer edge of the quilt. Bias Binding is $0.18 per inch of the outer edge of the quilt. 

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