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We love Fabric! As we collect new pieces we will be sharing them here. Feel free to customize your fabric size. If you are looking for bundles, we have those too! We have bundles already put together with some quilt ideas for you.

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Formulated for a firm, stiff press! As new quilting techniques are created newer products are needed to help make the job easier. The Other Best Press is one of those products. It solves many of the challenges faced when quilting in layers. Appliques and tiny stamp like fabric pieces are easier to handle. Fabric will not shift or stretch while sewing. Adds body to flimsy, thin fabrics, too. This does not replace the original Best Press. You'll find both are necessary to make the perfect quilt. The Other Best Press 2 isn't a starch. It is an organic starch alternative formulated to eliminate all the problems associated with spray starch products. No flaking even on dark fabrics and no sticking or scorching. Leaves no residue on fabric or iron's soleplate. Fragrance Free. Anti-Static. No clogging or sputtering. Doesn't attract bugs. Gluten Free. 16.9oz bottle with sprayers.

Best Press #2 Fragrance Free

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